Nurses are tough, it goes with the territory. But battling on the front line of this crisis nonstop has them crashing hard and not getting up. A skyrocketing percentage of nurses and health professionals took their own lives in 2020. Having given out so much more than they could ever replenish for themselves they chose a solution that should not make sense.

There is effective help, but it’s limited. Nurses and other health practitioners are being trained in rejuvenative self-care, and being certified to teach others. The Center Point Self-Care System is the only program that combines natural breathwork, with tension-free movement, and easy meditation. And, it can be done by anyone, anywhere.

Your gift today goes to training and direct implementation of these life-saving techniques. Center Point is collaborating with nursing advocacy groups, healthcare organizations. The Well. sends trained practitioners in for direct health intervention and coaching support.

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