NOW is the time to step up and create your own in-house productions.
Studios are shuttered and stages are dusty. Production has been halted nearly everywhere, and across all entertainment industries.

If you want to perform, and survive the ongoing challenges of the entertainment industry, you need a capable home-studio equipped to create different types of content.

When complete, you’ll have a system built to free you to perform, and deliver broadcast-quality content.

Enroll Now! This course is organized in three sections:
A. TOOLS: The requisite gear need and it’s basic use, and the fast track to hone your engineering chops.
B. PERFORMANCE: Finding your voice in this medium, and building your audience.
C. INCOME: Deriving an income from you creativity and entrepreneurship.

Will walk you through the steps needed to setup your own home studio broadcast system, create original programs, and find and build a loyal audience base.

The tools required for a proper studio setup and broadcast, how to use them, and the resources to operate them with style.

Some of the topics covered within the course include:

Is this on the test?
How to handle broadcast qualifications for new media outlets Putting it all together
Using all the right tools to deliver polished and custom-fit segments. How to find your voice in this medium
Adapting your performance, persona, and interests into a sustainable on-air entity. What are You Looking at?
How to prepare new relevant work reels to deliver remote performance It’s got layers!
Effectively using overlays, animations, transitions, sound effects and more to flavor your program (without it feeling hack) Characters
How to utilize webcam driven characters that can be used for creating animations or used to interact live! Interactivity
Creating live engagement with audiences using chat, games, polls, and more. Zoom essentials.
Insights and tips for how to best utilize zoom as a broadcasting tool, handling guests, and audiences. Surviving the new Zoom Stage
How to step your zoom game way up to stand out and deliver a killer performance Is this thing on?
Surviving the woes of performing to an empty digital audience (and come off like you’re having the best time ever).

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