VALUE: Measured, Certified, Assured

The vital factor in the proper valuation of an authentic item is the establishment of it’s Provenance, a detailed and verifiable history of the items’ journey. works with you, the seller, in collecting this information and with proper authentication the item can be registered and a certificate issued.

Our vintage certificate was custom made at the highest level of detailed craftsmanship, and is exclusive to When a document like this is properly prepared it greatly enhances the expressed, and resale value of the items.

Printed on legal parchment with eleven layers of security including holographic seal, micro-printing, custom thread ribbon, and other features that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are functionally secure.

A digital record stored in our database contains the research used to generate each certificate, and is available to view by entering the passcode seen in the middle of the QR code printed on and unique to each certificate. This code unlocks the page and record,  providing a secure and convenient way to corroborate and further bolster the value of the registered item.

Our proprietary Certificate of Authenticity, Statement of Provenance, and Signed Registered legal document.
Fine details in printed document

    This agreement made this
    by and between

    hereafter called Seller, and Media LLC hereafter called Auctioneer.

    The auction is to be held online at on

    In case of postponement auction will take place on a later date agreeable to both parties. Auctioneer hereby agrees to use their professional skill, knowledge and experience to the best advantage of both parties in preparing for and conducting the sale. Seller agrees to not interfere with, prevent or prohibit Auctioneer in any manner prior to or during auction from carrying out their duties and obligations of this agreement.
    Auctioneer shall receive as compensation for promoting, advertising and conducting said auction sale


    of gross sales receipts resulting from auction, which fee may be deducted from the gross sales receipts.

    Charitable Fundraiser: serves as a fundraiser for several groups.
    wish to participate in the Fundraising auction for and agree to donate an additional percentage of my sale proceeds

    in the amount of percent,

    to be allocated for that project's needs.
    Auctioneer agrees to turn over net proceeds from auction to Seller within days from date of auction, along with sale records and receipts. Seller agrees to turn over and deliver to Auctioneer to be sold at public auction the items Listed below.
    It is agreed that all goods will be sold to the highest bidder, with the exception of items specified by seller in writing to be protected. No item shall be sold or withdrawn from the sale prior to the auction except by mutual agreement between Seller and Auctioneer. If an item is sold or withdrawn prior to auction, Auctioneer shall receive full commission on the item. Auctioneer shall receive full commission on any item withdrawn from sale or transferred or sold within 60 days after the auction. Seller agrees to pay all expenses of preparation, advertising and conducting the auction and herewith deposits $ to be used to defray said expenses, receipt thereof being acknowledged. Auctioneer shall expend this money as necessary for purposes relative only to this auction. Seller agrees that all expenses above the deposit amount shall be first paid from the proceeds realized from said auction before the payment and satisfaction of any Liens or encumbrances. Seller warrants and represents that he has good title and the right to sell and will deliver merchantable title to the herein described property to purchasers, that said goods are free of all claims, encumbrances or indebtedness and that said property can be auctioned without violation of any federal, state or other regulations. Seller agrees to hold harmless Auctioneer against any claims of the nature referred to in this contract.

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