Tiny Lounge, the Afterparty Studio on Wheels.
Tiny Lounge is the mobile backroom sanctuary where comedians let loose and riff off-the-cuff after the final applause. Designed as a discreet, broadcast-ready studio, it captures the essence of after-show camaraderie, preserving the raw, candid exchanges that only happen away from the stage’s glare. Park it, power it up, and watch as the night’s stories unfold, delivering unscripted comic gold from city streets to comedy club backlots.

The Show Concept:
Tiny Lounge captures those fleeting after-hours moments when the spotlight dims and the real magic begins. This mobile studio replicates the intimate environment of a vintage Hollywood backroom lounge, inviting stand-up comedians to unwind, chat, and share their most candid moments. As the night progresses and the city sleeps, our discreetly placed cameras and mics capture every laugh, every story, every genuine interaction, creating content that’s raw, unfiltered, and unmatched.


Additional Uses:
But why stop at comedy? The Tiny Lounge is versatile. Envision it at:

Film Premieres: Catch candid chats with stars post-screening.
Conventions: An exclusive space for influencers and VIPs to interact.
Music Events: Artists unwind after their set, sharing backstage stories.
Private Parties: A unique attraction that can be sponsored and customized.
Interview Hub: For podcasts, digital media channels, or quick on-the-spot chats.

Technical Breakdown:
A blend of ambient and targeted LED lights, adjustable to ensure perfect mood-setting and clarity for camera captures. With dimmable options, we can switch between cozy chats to spotlight interviews.

Strategically placed HD cameras with wide-angle lenses to capture the entirety of the lounge without intrusion. Motion tracking features ensure we don’t miss any moment.

High-quality omnidirectional mics positioned to pick up clear conversations without background noise interference. Lapel mics for focused interviews.

All tech components wire seamlessly into an external control booth. This could be as compact as a laptop running OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) that controls camera feeds, audio input, and live streaming if desired. With wireless tech, setup and breakdown are a breeze.

In Summary:
Tiny Lounge is more than a mobile studio; it’s a dynamic experience on wheels. Ready to capture the rawest, most genuine moments, this setup is a game-changer in on-the-spot content creation. Dive in, and let’s redefine entertainment 

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