Exercise & Warmup Scripts

Commercial Voiceover

In this script, you will practice a commercial voiceover. Focus on delivering the message effectively, while keeping the tone engaging and appealing to the target

Breath Control Exercise

In this script, you will practice managing your breath during long sentences and rapid-fire dialogue. Focus on maintaining clarity and energy in your vocal performances

Body Position and Posture Exercise

In this script, you will practice various body positions and postures to understand how these physical elements impact your vocal performances. Each line will be

Scooping out the Inside

Articles on Voice Acting

Crafting a Compelling Voice Acting Demo Reel

Introduction: Creating a standout voice acting demo reel is an essential step in showcasing your talents and landing jobs in the industry. In this article, we’ll discuss the key components

On Brand

Legendary Voices

Tara Strong

Tara Strong: A Voice for Every Generation Tara Strong has been enchanting audiences with her vocal prowess for decades. With a career spanning over 30

The Multifaceted Hank Azaria

Introduction: Hank Azaria, an esteemed actor and voice artist, has been a dominant force in the world of voice acting for decades. With his exceptional

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