Kevin Allen Kerber is a maverick in the world of media, forever embracing innovation on his journey. Hailing from NYC’s School of Visual Arts and The Art Students League, he was an early adopter of desktop publishing, stepping boldly into the digital realm. Among the pioneers of freelancing with an extensive home setup, Kevin blazed trails long before it was cool.

In the neon-soaked 90s, armed with a SONY laserdisc recorder, Kevin unleashed vibrant 3D animations onto the iconic Times Square SONY jumbo screen. His creations danced across the colossal canvas, setting the stage for digital spectacle.

Venturing west to LA, Kevin found himself in a realm of daring experimentation alongside producer John Scofield, riding the success of recent blockbusters like Jerry Maguire and As Good As It Gets. In ’97, Kevin’s brainchild of crowd-funding and crowd-producing films was a futuristic spark, albeit ahead of its time.

Fast-forward to 2009, and Kevin was wielding his expertise to craft the United Nations Day of Peace Broadcast at In a world teetering on the edge of streaming possibilities, Kevin’s broadcast carved its space, nested on, streaming its message from over 8,000 sites.

Then came the pandemic, and Kevin, ever the visionary, took center stage once more. While the major networks grappled with the new norm, he dazzled with mind-bending live stream extravaganzas. Multi-camera, multi-user game shows ignited screens, proving that innovation thrives in adversity.

Most recently, Kevin’s exceptional skills were evident in the creation of a grand projection screen unit at an Oregon college’s student wellness center. Here, students bask in tranquil oases, soaking in serene landscapes and self-care treasures, a testament to Kevin’s unyielding pursuit of novel possibilities.


Projection Innovations for Wellness

Creating Immersive Environments at the Student Wellness Center
At Center Point Self Care, we've been actively shaping the future of self-care practices. Our work revolves around the development of immersive wellness environments, instructional videos, and the integration of cutting-edge motion-capture technology. One of our notable achievements is the creation of a robust projection system that forms the foundation of a college's new student wellness center. This system has allowed us to craft a range of engaging content, including ambient and therapeutic environments, as well as comprehensive wellness training modules.
Our ongoing efforts extend to podcast hosting, book publishing, and the development of eLearning classes, all designed to provide accessible and empowering self-care resources. Dive into our portfolio to explore the innovative materials and technologies we've cultivated through the Center Point Self Care system.

Projection Frame Design, Construction, Installation,
Large Scale Image Programming, Interface Design


Center Point Self Care

Center Point Self Care is an innovative online platform dedicated to nurturing self-care, promoting mental health, and fostering wellness. As the Creative Director and Producer, I have played a pivotal role in crafting and shaping the content strategy, community engagement, and monetization initiatives that have driven the platform's success. My key hard skills include content strategy, community development, premium plugin integration (BuddyBoss, LearnDash, WPForms Pro), monetization strategies, video content creation (AI-powered), digital marketing, data analysis and adaptation, and retreat planning and execution.

Content Strategy, Wellness Program Development, Premium Plugin Integration (BuddyBoss, LearnDash, WPForms Pro), Monetization Strategies, Video Content Creation, Retreat Planning and Execution.



Zoom-Bombing Laughs

Innovative Entertainment During the Pandemic
Amidst the pandemic turmoil, I partnered with a comedian/entertainer to forge a dynamic studio that blossomed into a hub of humor and entertainment during those isolating times. Together, we unleashed a riotous array of live game shows and real-time cartoons, boasting dynamic effects and surprise Zoom appearances, infusing laughter and delight where it was most needed. Leveraging my live streaming prowess and mastery of OBS software, our content not only rivaled but surpassed major networks in quality and innovation. This experience embodies my capacity to maintain a pioneering edge, showcasing adaptability and resourcefulness that consistently yield outstanding outcomes.

Character Design, Live Streaming and Production Innovation, Interactive Game Show Development, Technical Production, Comedic Writing/Directing/Producing, Multi-Camera Studio Manager


Equitable Collaborative Revenue Sharing
Designed and developed an innovative system for equitable artist asset sharing, allowing for the assignment of percentages to facilitate the fair distribution of intellectual property earnings within collaborative projects. Collaborated with Lune Rouge, the creative artists' hub led by Guy Laliberté, the creator of Cirque Du Soleil. This system aimed to structure international collaborative sharing and payments across diverse teams, providing a solution for equitable revenue distribution in the creative industry.

System Design, Equity Sharing, Intellectual Property Management,
Collaborative Project Management, International Payment Structuring


Tiny Lounge

Mobile Production Trailer
Conceived and developed the 'Tiny Lounge' project, a groundbreaking initiative that reimagines broadcasting dynamics by introducing a mobile vintage Hollywood backroom lounge. This roving studio, designed for discretion and ambiance, is equipped for live shows, offering a versatile venue for capturing authentic moments anywhere it rolls. Conceptualized to be tech-forward, it seamlessly integrates professional lighting, unnoticeable yet advanced filming gear, and a state-of-the-art operating system, providing an innovative solution for versatile broadcasting and capturing unique narratives.

Concept Development, Studio Design, Broadcast Technology Integration, Lighting Design & DMX Control, Remote System Operations, Narrative Crafting, Multimedia Content Planning, Technical Equipment Sourcing and Integration, Branding & Marketing Strategy.



I pioneered this innovative project in the realm of Augmented Reality (AR) Environments and Portal Video. Recognizing the unique advantages of the vertical video format, including its creation of an intimate and immersive environment that captivates user attention, I forged ahead despite industry challenges in handling this format. This forward-thinking approach was rewarded with the widespread adoption of vertical video by end-users and various platforms, showcasing my ability to anticipate emerging trends. Furthermore, my experience with VR environments revealed their limitations, particularly the need for users to disconnect entirely from the real world, which posed a significant barrier. Consequently, I shifted my focus to Augmented Reality, leveraging custom lenses to deliver more engaging and immersive experiences while addressing system limitations related to load size and display speed. This dynamic field continues to be a fascinating arena for exploration, as we uncover innovative ways to seamlessly integrate AR technology.

Innovative AR Environment Design, Vertical Video Implementation, User Engagement Optimization, Trend Anticipation, AR Limitation Analysis, Custom Lens Development, System Load and Display Speed Optimization, 3D modeling


Immersive Hollywood History in VR

Crafting Cinematic Time Machines
While Virtual Reality (VR) holds undeniable value, I saw its potential to transport users to bygone realms. My foray into crafting 3D models and VR environments paved the way for an innovative system, allowing users to traverse iconic Hollywood sets, spanning eras from the historic to the contemporary. Leveraging the absence of copyright constraints on sets, I conceived an enthralling VR odyssey through celebrated locations such as Ciro's (The Comedy Store), The Garden of Allah, and Holly Star Lanes, all curated from my extensive lot collection. This endeavor showcases my knack for identifying unique applications of emerging technologies and delivering immersive experiences.

Strategic Vision, Creative Direction, Innovative Technology Application, Content Curation, Project Management.

The HollyStar Lanes, 1999

The HollyStar Lanes, Exterior 1999

Maude Lebowski’s Loft

The Garden of Allah Hotel 1948

First “VR” – Hale’s Tour 1906

Ciro’s on Sunset, Hollywood 1957

Virtual Comedy Store 2020

* Bonus Live Video



Elevated Visual Identity for 'GNU' Cyber Currency
I meticulously crafted the entire visual identity, from designing the logo and branding to creating a compelling pitch deck. My expertise in branding, audience-focused design, and 3D rendering played a pivotal role in elevating the currency's overall image and credibility within the financial sector.

Visual Identity Enhancement, Logo Design, Branding Strategy, 3D Rendering, Pitch Deck Creation, Financial Sector Credibility Enhancement.


Int’l Women’s Day Broadcast — Director

Celebrating Women's Achievements through Global Connectivity International Women’s Day Broadcast 2013 - In 2013, leveraging my network of UN contacts, I initiated and executed the International Women's Day Broadcast, gaining corporate backing from Google Hangouts, an emerging platform at the time. This groundbreaking project featured performances and discussions by women from various locations, including NYC, California, and Oregon, showcasing a remarkable technical feat. Throughout its execution, I played a pivotal role at every level, demonstrating proficiency in technical skills, project management, and resourceful problem-solving, efficiently delivering results under demanding circumstances.

Network Building, Event Initiation, Project Execution, Corporate Collaboration, Technical Proficiency, Project Management, Resourceful Problem Solving, Results-Oriented



I meticulously crafted the entire visual identity, from designing the logo and branding to creating a compelling pitch deck. My expertise in branding, audience-focused design, and 3D rendering played a pivotal role in elevating the currency's overall image and credibility within the financial sector.

Branding, Visual Identity Design, Logo Design, Pitch Deck Creation, Audience-Focused Design, 3D Rendering, Brand Management, Financial Sector Knowledge, Creative Problem-Solving.


XEDEN- Cloud Concepts

Asset Tracking and Management Solutions
I drove the creative direction for the XEDEN Cloud project, emphasizing its visionary use of blockchain technology. Collaborating closely with founder Michael Short, I ensured our design aligned with the company's vision while highlighting the pioneering nature of blockchain implementation. Fearlessly embracing emerging technologies, My contributions extended across multiple project versions, including Version 1.5 and the expanded Version 2.0, encompassing a diverse range of cloud applications. My core skills encompass UX/UI design, visual design, brand alignment, and a proficiency in harnessing and promoting cutting-edge technologies like blockchain.

Technology Adaptability, Valuable Feedback, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Forward-Thinking Approach, Collaboration, Innovation Identification, Creative Initiative


AdobeBay - Animatable Assets

Puppets for Adobe Character Animator
As a pioneer in the realm of emerging technologies, I embarked on a transformative journey with AdobeBay and the development of assets for Character Animator. It all started when I became an early beta tester of Adobe Character Animator and crafted a character, sparking an unexpected collaboration with David Simon and his team. My role evolved from tester to an official advisor, contributing significantly to the program's development through rigorous testing, interviews, and invaluable feedback aimed at enhancing production efficiency. However, my entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking mindset prompted me to express interest in creating assets for the program's launch. This led to the establishment of my own asset company, dedicated to developing cutting-edge puppets for Character Animator. David recognized the potential, seamlessly integrating these assets into the program's menu. This narrative not only showcases my adaptability to emerging technologies but also highlights my journey from beta tester to advisor and ultimately, an innovative asset creator.

Technology Adaptability, Valuable Feedback, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Forward-Thinking Approach, Collaboration, Innovation Identification, Creative Initiative.
Adobe Development Advisor


Festquest- Game Assets

With the popularity of Backyard Farmer the race for isometric gameplay was on, and our contribution was the music festival themed- Festquest.

Game Assets


United Nations- Global Asset Map

UN Millennium Goals: Global NGO Visualization

Designed and implemented a centralized system to organize video information from various NGOs linked to the UN Millennium Goals. I conceptualized an intuitive interface, blending a rich UX with a sleek UI, and organized vast amounts of data for effortless navigation. Worked closely with NGO stakeholders, integrating consistent branding elements and ensuring data accuracy. Managed the project end-to-end, emphasizing quality and timely delivery.

Conceptualization & Planning, User Experience, (UX) Design, User Interface, (UI) Design, Information Architecture, Multimedia Integration, Interactive Features Development, Stakeholder Collaboration, Branding & Identity, Project Management, Data Management & Integration



Online Fundraising and Discounted Shopping Platform

I led the creation of an innovative online shopping and fundraising platform, showcasing my marketing expertise. We introduced a unique membership model granting legal equity to members in the club's assets, providing access to numerous affiliate sales accounts. My role included securing high-tier affiliate percentages and exclusive account access, emphasizing my partnership cultivation and negotiation skills. The platform had a dual purpose: firstly, delivering substantial discounts to members on regular purchases, highlighting my talent for crafting value propositions and customer engagement strategies. Secondly, GetZooks featured an innovative fundraising mall with virtual stores. I designed the user-friendly interface, implemented captivating visuals, and optimized the overall user experience, showcasing my creative and design acumen. By leveraging my marketing, partnership-building, and user experience design skills, I significantly contributed to GetZooks' success, offering valuable assets for marketing strategies and fostering innovation.

Marketing Strategy, Partnership Cultivation, Negotiation, Value Proposition Creation, Customer Engagement, User Experience Design, Creative Innovation

United Nations Day of Peace Broadcast Eugene, Oregon — Co-Founder

A Global Platform for Peace
I spearheaded a multifaceted endeavor, creating live filmed segments and programs, designing captivating motion graphics, developing an interactive website, and meticulously crafting broadcast instructions. In addition, I orchestrated seamless coordination with global organizations and curated a dynamic schedule spanning 2-5 days. This pioneering project was undertaken during the early stages of live streaming technology and faced bandwidth limitations, yet it exuded an atmosphere of optimism and hope. I organized and produced promotional segments featuring esteemed UN ambassadors such as Ringo Starr, Michael Douglas, Edward James Olmos, and many more. We even had the privilege of live streaming concerts by music legends like Stevie Wonder and Elton John. This experience underscores my ability to adapt to new technologies and collaborate effectively with prominent figures, highlighting my capacity for innovation and creativity in the digital realm

Interactive kiosk design, 3D modeling and animation, User experience (UX) design,
Retail technology innovation, Creative concept development


Electric Apricot

Character Design & Art for Mockumentary
A friend was producing this project with Les Claypool and devising ways to glean interesting footage to drive an improvised plot. This character arose when I pointed out that their plan to get footage of the calamity caused by legal response from their planned use of a protected trademark might be interesting, but it would leave them with a significant loss of a useable band symbol. So I created this character which bites off of some of the iconography enough to be from the same family of imagery, but not infringe anywhere. I also produced the posters and other art used in the film.

Character Design


Topanga Creek

Elevating Design Solutions for Diverse Industries
From my home nestled in Topanga, I provided a spectrum of print production and digital design services, with a particular focus on serving the distinct needs of both the entertainment and healing communities (unrelated).

Print Production, Digital Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Marketing Collateral, Web Design, Typography, Layout Design, Print Materials, Visual Identity, Logo Design, Image Editing, Project Management, Client Communication, Creative Problem-Solving

Building the Future of Sustainable Technologies

Revitalizing St. Kitts: From Historic Sugar Cane to Organic Tech Hub
Embarked on a transformative journey to explore international locations suitable for establishing a robust business infrastructure and ensuring financial stability for groundbreaking technologies. Spent a year on the picturesque Caribbean island of St. Kitts, meticulously researching and crafting sustainable strategies that would shape the future of emerging technologies.

During this pivotal venture, I devised a comprehensive program and pitch to facilitate the national restructuring of island resources. This ambitious initiative aimed to transition St. Kitts from a 300-year-old sugar cane industry to a thriving hub for organic food production, marking a profound shift toward sustainable and innovative practices.

Sustainable Business Modeling, Program Development, Pitch & Presentation, International Business Development, Stakeholder Engagement


Pioneering Innovation in Fundraising

Kaching Creative (2000-2002): In this collaborative, I took the lead in pioneering innovative ventures: United Way: Orchestrated a groundbreaking transition from traditional in-person fundraising to a visionary online campaign. I meticulously designed and managed a multifaceted website that hosted contests, unveiled prizes, and vividly illustrated the transformative impact of United Way's funds allocation. I faced the crucial responsibility and intense pressure of presenting this groundbreaking initiative to executives during a critical period, ensuring it was handled with the utmost tact and precision to maintain trust while revolutionizing the fundraising landscape.

Website Design and Management, Online Campaign Development, Executive Presentation, Project Conception and Execution


Alias- Subversive Strategy

JJ Abrams likes the details. in 2001 Kaching Creative created an online strategy experience to accompany JJ's new secret agent themed show- ALIAS. Viewers of the shows who were keen enough to pick up on the clues embedded into the series, namely the Rambaldi Code <O>. were able to use the code and clues to gain access to online. I contributed my creative expertise to shape the motion design for the pilot episode. Moreover, I played a pivotal role in crafting immersive interfaces for an online intrigue game, prominently featuring the enigmatic symbol that threaded through the storyline. This project was unprecedented, pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling in the entertainment industry and serving as a testament to my ability to conceive, pitch, design, code, and execute innovative projects.

Website Design and Management, Online Campaign Development, Executive Presentation, Motion Design, Interactive Storytelling, Project Conception and Execution

Big Red Cotton

Hee-Haw covered
Our remarkable music video, despite its challenges, received accolades (and with a notable performance by Chris Prynoski). Seizing the opportunity, we embarked on a daring 22-minute show—a redneck talk show with celebrity guests, our house band, and commercials, pitching to multiple networks during the post-9/11 climate, showcasing our adaptability and innovation. One innovation I created was a set of character trading cards, complete with stats and goofy games on the reverse. This approach stood in for a trailer, with the idea it would catch attention, and they were a success.

Comedy Series Production, Motion Design, Print Production, Project Development, Marketing and Pitching, Collaboration and Co-Authorship, 


Good Dick/Bad Dick

"Good Dick/Bad Dick" (with Bill Edwards): Co-authored an animated series concept with friends that took center stage when the renowned music video production house, frocks, ventured into animation. This series, rooted in fifties clipart and tiki lounge culture, delved into the intriguing realm of split personalities, setting the stage for my continued journey into the animation world.

Interactive kiosk design, 3D modeling and animation, User experience (UX) design,
Retail technology innovation, Creative concept development


Lobotomy Brand

Los Angeles, California — Owner
Design Excellence and Innovation in High-End Client Services
Teamed up with a respected print broker, establishing a partnership that eventually expanded to offer design services to his high-end clientele network. Initially engaged as a freelance designer, we quickly gained recognition for our standout approach and earned the trust of notable clients, including prestigious establishments such as the Standard Hotel and the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Ray. 
Project Development: Best Independent Music Video of the Year - Los Angeles Music Awards, 2000:

Graphic Design, Print Production, Client Relationship Management, Project Development, Marketing and Pitching, Animation Concept Development, Collaboration and Co-Authorship, Creative Adaptability and Innovation, Animation Industry Knowledge, Entertainment Industry Networking.

UProduce- Virtual Hollywood

In 1997, I was at the forefront of innovative content creation, pioneering a concept for crowd-funding and crowd-producing alongside renowned producer John Scofield, known for his work on 'Jerry Maguire' and 'As Good As It Gets'. While our concept garnered significant interest, the requisite technology was still years from realization. My contributions included illustrating a visionary representation of a virtual studio visit

Futuristic Conceptualization, Digital Illustration, Strategic Collaboration with Industry Figures, Trend Forecasting, and Project Presentation


Jimi Hendrix

During a pivotal moment, the Hendrix estate meticulously revisited all licensing agreements. To my immense pride, the image I crafted was the inaugural pick by the Hendrix family once they resumed licensing of this substantial estate. It was a delightful twist of fate to later witness that very image adorning a vibrant necktie worn by the perennially noir-clad comedian, Richard Lewis, in the debut season of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'—a vibrant contrast that captivated the discerning eye.

Medium-Specific Design Acumen

Psychedelic Solution NYC

I stumbled upon this gallery in 1986 when they were having an exhibition of one of my absolute favorite artists- Rick Griffin. In the years to follow my friendship with the gallery allowed me access to artists spanning many significant and often underground genres. I believe I attended every major opening and the highlights were numerous; private dinner with the entire group of Zap Comic artists, hanging shows for Robert Williams, Mark Mothersbough, H.R. Giger, Robert Crumb, and many more. I sold work at the show for the Church of the Subgenius, and was honored to complete the print series and gallery closing announcement PS50 and PS51. These were done using 3D software and early version of photoshop that had no layers. These were all done on single image layer using alpha masking.

Apparel Design, Brand Imaging, Market Trend Awareness, Client-Centric Approach, Schedule Management and Deliverables.


Arista Records

From my early days as an Allman Brothers Band enthusiast, it was a delightful opportunity to design an album cover for them, inspired by a vintage whiskey jug. A distinct connection with the band also led to crafting signature images for their stage slideshow, which graced their projection system for several years.

Adherence to Band-Specific Design Aesthetics, Direct Liaison with Renowned Artists, Stage Media Integration & Development


Winterland Productions

I created a number of images for legendary groups and heroes at Bill Graham's Winterland Productions, and some were reportedly tricky to please, and those are the ones when they hired me for. Doing this from Woodstock NY for the HQ in San Francisco in the early 90's involved Syquest drives, Fedex, and tight turnarounds. Wish I had some originals, as these vintage shirts now go for hundreds. 

Apparel Design, Brand Imaging, Market Trend Awareness, Client-Centric Approach, Schedule Management and Deliverables.


Nike Kiosk and UI

Amidst New York City's dynamic landscape, our team spearheaded a pioneering project. We crafted a visionary Nike Swoosh interactive kiosk, featuring a user-selectable product catalog. This concept, designed for retail environments, was ahead of its time. Our opening animation showcased a 3D Parthenon, with an animated Air Jordan sneaker leading viewers into the temple Nike and kiosk instructions. I meticulously modeled this innovative design. Unfortunately, only this image endures as a testament to a moment when technology and creativity converged on the brink of a new era.

Interactive kiosk design, 3D modeling and animation, User experience (UX) design,
Retail technology innovation, Creative concept development



From 1992 to 1996, I spearheaded my own multimedia business, breaking new ground during the nascent days of digital transformation. As one of the early adopters in the NYC corporate landscape, I deftly navigated the challenges of pioneering 3D design, print design, early digital photography, and digital audio recording and production. My robust portfolio catered to a discerning corporate clientele, ensuring their transition into the digital age was both seamless and aesthetically compelling. Additionally, I innovatively engaged with a growing online community through Compuserve channels, hosting regular sessions that showcased the confluence of technology and design. This era not only honed my technical acumen but also underscored my ability to lead, innovate, and adapt in a rapidly evolving digital frontier

NYC Corporate Multimedia Consultant: 3D, Print, & Digital Photography

NYC Apartment Party

After my initial year at the School of Visual Arts, a group of us, primarily dorm-mates from the storied YMCA, decided to rent apartments in the same narrow building on West 57th Street. The location was truly remarkable. I recently obtained an image from my very first adult party in my inaugural New York City apartment—a cherished memory. At the time, I was concurrently attending the Art Student League down 57th street, and just further working at Sam Flax on Fifth Avenue. In my role as the graphics department manager, I oversaw Letraset rub-off type, Pantone papers, and line tapes—a true testament to the old-school design process. Remarkably, at the age of 17, I was selecting typefaces for major publications and events like Rolling Stone, and the Emmy Awards. Often, designers would leave font choices largely to my discernment, seeking the latest fonts that had arrived. This playful collage layout reflects my admiration for Terry Gilliam's style and the achieving a distinctive gradient background, which, in 1987, was a true feat.

Inventory Optimization Specialist for High-End Clientele,
Strategic inventory Management, Grace under High Pressure Deadlines

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