Great Harvest Window Display Concept

The northwesterly facing window of your location see a great deal of southbound traffic.

Branding is an active act, repetitively building the mental association that then becomes what feels like a natural choice someone makes. Adding appetizing images and selling benefits through visual storytelling can be done by vertically framing a led monitor in the window that is fed from a small media player.

I created this because I keep seeing it, and creating this and letting you know now frees up that space that gets triggered when I pass by. If you have any interest in this I am happy start a conversation and supply further details. 
I am a multi-decade media producer with tons of credentials. I am doing this because I have been a customer, and watched your transition across the street and see the efforts you are making with getting some traffic routed over there. I think this could be instrumental in that, and am happy to start a conversation with you about it. I can handle every aspect of the work, am local, highly creative, and ready to go. I have another display going into the neighborhood, so I created this mockup because you have the only other window that has been jumping out to me.

I did not spend much time on the content that is used in this mock-up, just a general first placement test to see how it may look, very rough.

If you have any interest  let’s have a chat! 
Perhaps you can also let me know if you do get this and are Not interested, so I can let it go. 

Thanks for all your generous community work, and best wishes for continued success.

Kevin Allen Kerber


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