Kevin Allen Kerber is a maverick in the world of media, forever embracing innovation on his journey. Hailing from NYC’s School of Visual Arts and The Art Students League, he was an early adopter of desktop publishing, stepping boldly into the digital realm. Among the pioneers of freelancing with an extensive home setup, Kevin blazed trails long before it was cool.

In the neon-soaked 90s, armed with a SONY laserdisc recorder, Kevin unleashed vibrant 3D animations onto the iconic Times Square SONY jumbo screen. His creations danced across the colossal canvas, setting the stage for digital spectacle.

Venturing west to LA, Kevin found himself in a realm of daring experimentation alongside producer John Scofield, a visionary behind blockbusters like Jerry Maguire and As Good As It Gets. In ’97, their brainchild of crowd-funding and crowd-producing was a futuristic spark, albeit ahead of its time.

Fast-forward to 2009, and Kevin was wielding his expertise to craft the United Nations Day of Peace Broadcast at In a world teetering on the edge of streaming possibilities, Kevin’s broadcast carved its space, nested on, streaming its message from over 8,000 sites.

Then came the pandemic, and Kevin, ever the visionary, took center stage once more. While the major networks grappled with the new norm, he dazzled with mind-bending live stream extravaganzas. Multi-camera, multi-user game shows ignited screens, proving that innovation thrives in adversity.

Most recently, Kevin’s genius manifested in the form of a grand projection screen unit at an Oregon college’s student wellness center. Here, students bask in tranquil oases, soaking in serene landscapes and self-care treasures, a testament to Kevin’s unyielding pursuit of novel possibilities.

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